Bristol – Hipsters paradise

Yesterday (the 26th)a few of us from class got the train into Bristol to check out a third year exhibition called the Retina Photo Collective. I’ve never been to Bristol before, but i’ve always heard about how it’s like the Brick Lane on the south.

I don’t know much (basically nothing) about the city and was excited to see what it looked like. I liked how young and youthful the city felt, it really did feel like Brick Lane. The sense of art and vintage shops were all around, which is why I instantly thought that it’s Hipster Paradise. I don’t think i’ve ever seen so many Stoners, Hipsters and Charity shops in one place before.

We then got to the studio where the Retina Photo Collective exhibition was being held.

I really enjoyed the work shown, especially the set “Battle for Bethlehem Gate” by Will Hilton. Although I prefered looking at the images in their paper which I got from uni rather than on the walls.

I also like the idea of a group of students producing their own photographic paper and organising their own exhibitions. Something to keep in mind for the future?

After the exhibition, we walked around Bristol for a while and had a look at a few market stools. Where Lily got some Falafel and couscous in a tub.

There are some Uber hipster shops in Bristol, such as this Bagel shop which was littered with Fixie bikes and men with beards and huge glasses. It was quiet nice though.

We then headed back to Jess’ for a coffee and then went to the pub.

On the way however, there was this super cool Datsun just sitting on the road. It looked so dope just sitting there rusting away.

I think everyone really enjoyed Bristol and getting out of Cheltenham for a day. It was refreshing to go out somewhere I hadn’t been before. Cheltenham’s starting to become home more and more each day which inevitably is making it a bit less interesting. Personally I love Bristol, It reminds me of home so much, just without all the violence and crime that cames with London. I’m sure Luke enjoyed Bristol too.

‘Twas a good day.


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